The Royal Chessmen

Stage Combat Troupe

Medieval • Renaissance • Pirates • Sword Fights • Characters

The flash of steel, as blades meet under a blazing sun. A battle fought over honor… or money. An enemy well met. A job well done. Good friends. Good times. You’ll find all this and more with The Royal Chessmen.

Come back to a time when honor was worth dying for; a princess (or a prince) was a prize worth seeking; and chivalry was far from dead.

The Royal Chessmen is an acting troupe who portrays the life of another time through character interaction, staged combat, and living chess games. From King Arthur’s Round Table, to King Henry’s wives, to Blackbeard’s pirate ship, we span the ages.

Contact the Royal Chessmen at [email protected].

Medieval & Renaissance

The Royal Chessmen provide a variety of entertainment options for your renaissance or medieval themed festival or event. Costumed interactive characters, games for all ages, stage combat, the Living Chess Game, and more!


If it be pirates ye seek, we arrrrr your crew. The Royal Chessmen add color and excitement to any party, promotion, or festival. We can provide pirates, fight circles, brawling, cannons, black powder pistols, swashbuckling and kid-friendly games.

Become a Chessmen

We want you to become a Royal Chessmen! All ages welcome, no experience necessary. Learn how to sword fight, interact as a character, and more! We meet at TY Park (33oo N. Park Rd.) in Hollywood, Florida most Sundays from 1pm to 5pm.