Renaissance, Medieval & Pirate Songs

An archive of song lyrics generally performed and sung at Faires

The Royal Chessmen are proud to bring to you an archive of song lyrics generally performed and sung at Faires. It has been our experience that, especially for new Faire goers, the number of songs can be daunting; to learn the words, monumental. Especially when trying to do it in one shot at a Faire.

As such, we have compiled the lyrics to many of the more popular songs here so that you can review them at your leisure (might we suggest prior to the Faires).

All songs are attributed to their authors (where applicable). In such a case, the author retains all copyrights to their songs, and we display them here only for the public to learn the song so they may participate during Faires.

Any song listed as “Traditional” has been found to be written too long ago to identify the author, thus many performers may perform it at a Faire.

However, over the course of the years, many of these traditional songs have been made dear to us by certain performers. At times, the lyrics may have been slightly altered by them, for the purpose of making them more enjoyable and more easily remembered. In respect to their art, we have listed the names of these performers along with the song title.

Here’s hoping this archive helps in learning the wonderful songs that contribute to the spirit of any Faire.

If you have any additional lyrics and/or songs that would better the archive please email me [email protected]. Thank you!