Archive of Royal Chessmen Photos through the Ages

The Royal Chessmen have been performing for over 30 years, so there are lots of photos of us. Click on the photos below to see us through the years.

  • Trek Happennings

35th Season

  • Dickens Xmas at Sunset Place

34th Season

  • Pigeon Key Pirates

33rd Season

  • Florida Keys Ren Faire 2000

32nd Season

  • Islamorada Pirate Fest 1999

31st Season

  • Harvest Festival 1999

30th Season

  • Fort Myers Medieval 2000

29th Season

  • Pirate Head Shots 1999

28th Season

  • West Palm Beach Ren Faire

27th Season

  • Florida Keys Ren Faire 1999

26th Season

  • Islamorada Pirate Fest 1998

25th Season

  • Irish Festival

24th Season

  • Harvest Festival 1998

23rd Season

  • Fort Myers Medieval 1999

22nd Season

  • Horatio Hornblower Promotion

21st Season

  • Old Photos

20th Season

  • Sarasota Ren Faire

Old Photos

Old Photos

73 Photos

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