The Minstrels of Mayhem
Jerry Barry, Ty Billings ©1993

Blow the whistle, call the ensign,
Make sure all’s in bristol fashion,
As we set our sails across the ocean blue.
Sing the songs and tell the stories,
Of the men that sail the glory,
The fathers of the likes of me and you.

And we’ll drink, drink, drink
To the men who sail the seas.
And we’ll drink, drink, drink
To the health of you and me.
And we’ll drink, drink, drink
To our families and our homes
And we’ll drink to every mile that we roam, roam, roam
As we all travel swiftly o’er the foam.

Feel the spray upon our faces,
As we sail to distant places,
Trusting in our captain true and bold (true and bold).
Keep the fires burning,
For one day we’ll be return’n,
With our pockets and our purses filled with gold.


Breathing deep the salty smells,
Watching as the ocean swells,
Take us onward guided by the setting sun.
The captain’s voice is clear,
It is westward we will steer,
Steady boys our journey’s just begun.

Chorus x 2